Buyers buy simply based on whether you can get rid of a problem they have and don’t want, or enable them to get something they want but don’t have yet (or enough of). Stock photography is often just as expensive as assignment work, and no company that has spent money, big money, branding is going to risk using stock photography for major campaigns. The image quality of stock is getting better and better all the time; however, it’s the uniqueness factor that clients are after. By the way, a stock photo or clip disc can’t ask these questions. It is that factor that enables a business to not only survive, but grow and thrive. That is how we do it, and that is how our clients do it.

About BURGESSphotog:

We create compelling evocative visual stories. Whether photographing CEOs of corporations, various musicians, lifestyle shoots and family scenes, still life or product shots, or sizzling prime rib, in studio or on location, we create images that are as unexpected as they are revealing. Utilizing light as a sculpting tool, a strong sense of graphic composition, and an ability to draw out the subject’s spirit, we are intent upon creating evocative imagery that draws the viewer in, enabling our clients to deliver their corporate message or sell a consumer service.

Commercial & Advertising Photographers – Consultants

Charles Burgess – photog 40+ years

Ryan Burgess – photog & videographer 12+ years

Evocative images draw the viewer in: You will wonder whether it is your memory that is being engaged or the photog’s. Does the desire you feel belong to you or the photog? Is the delight you feel based on your own memories or the result of the narrative in the photographs?

Our attention to detail, and our complete desire to meet a client’s needs on and off the set that makes the difference to our clients. We are a talented team that works very closely with the client from the inception of the shot to final delivery.

Commercial Conceptual Lifestyle Photography

The average person processes visuals 60 thousand times faster than words . Also, a visual can increase a viewer's comprehension by 89%. Evocative imagery that draws the viewer in, enabling our clients to deliver their corporate message.

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