Developing value from the inside out. When clients retain our studio, they are getting more than the typical cameraman. The client is hiring experienced creative problem solvers with a wide range of expertise and a passion for collaborating with other smart, creative strategic thinkers (that’s YOU the client) to produce powerful images that help businesses grow. In addition to our work as visual communicators, we also serve as creative consultants, strategists and advisors for a number of business owners around the world.

About BURGESSphotog:

We create compelling evocative visual stories. Whether photographing CEOs of corporations, various musicians, lifestyle shoots and family scenes, still life or product shots, or sizzling prime rib, in studio or on location, we create images that are as unexpected as they are revealing. Utilizing light as a sculpting tool, a strong sense of graphic composition, and an ability to draw out the subject’s spirit, we are intent upon creating evocative imagery that draws the viewer in, enabling our clients to deliver their corporate message or sell a consumer service.

Commercial & Advertising Photographers – Consultants

Charles Burgess – photog 40+ years

Ryan Burgess – photog & videographer 12+ years

Visual design is not just what it looks and feels like. Visual design is how it communicates.

We are visual team players who asks our clients about the audience and message, and then incorporates that information into the shot. Our clients and their goals matter. By the way, a stock photo or clip disc can’t ask these questions.

Commercial Conceptual Lifestyle Photography

The average person processes visuals 60 thousand times faster than words . Also, a visual can increase a viewer's comprehension by 89%. Evocative imagery that draws the viewer in, enabling our clients to deliver their corporate message.

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