Hello, I am Charles Burgess – Photographer

I have been pursuing creative photographic subjects by
chasing the light to capture images that whispers to the soul …”I am”.

I’ve been a photographer since 1972, shooting professionally since 1980.  Creating compelling evocative visual stories, either as solo photographs or in series. Whether photographing CEOs of corporations, various musicians, lifestyle shoots and family scenes, still life or product shots, sizzling prime rib or decadent gourmet desserts, our team creates images that are as unexpected as they are revealing. Utilizing light as a sculpting tool, a strong sense of graphic composition, and an ability to draw out the subject’s spirit, we are intent upon creating evocative imagery that draws the viewer in, enabling our clients to deliver their corporate message or sell a consumer service.

Charles Burgess – Over 38 Years Experience

First started in photography in 1972, when Paul Simon’s hit was frequently playing on the radio: Kodachrome. Those were the days of the wet darkroom, whereas today it is mostly digital, making the transition from analog photography to digital as I was able to translate the analog wet process to the digital tools. An example of the later is that when I setup and use digital presets in post-production, I am thinking in terms of the processes of the wet darkroom, the results being the continuation of my personal style and vision without any jarring aberrations. (This degree of continuity is rare among photographers.)

1980-2011 known as SaltLife Photography; 2011 to now as BURGESSphotog.

Adventurer, Photographer, Cameraman, Father, Husband, Outdoor Maniac, Fisherman, Hunter, Drummer, Storm Chaser, Superhero, Ninja, Chuck Norris’ best friend [humor], and Visionary Artist. Winter camping on Mt Shasta; 400+ mile canoeing (a one week trip) down the Russian River in California; 75 mile backpacking (a two week trip) in the high Sierra Mountains (above the tree line much of the time; fifteen hurricanes from Japan to Florida (numerous tropical storms).

Charles Burgess – Published articles:

Through The Viewfinder Magazine; May 2016; pages 5-6, “Shooting the Storm” – full length article with photos.

Professional Photographer Magazine; June 2016; page 91; short article on marketing.

Fine Art – Portraiture – Commercial

Conceptual – Lifestyle – Nature

Our attention to detail, and our complete desire to meet a client’s needs on and off the set that makes the difference to our clients. A talented team that works very closely with the client from the inception of the shot to final delivery.