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Commercial photography:  We create compelling [evocative] visual stories, either as solo photographs or in a series. Whether photographing CEOs of corporations, various musicians, lifestyle shoots and family scenes, still life or product shots, sizzling prime rib or decadent gourmet desserts, our team creates images that are as unexpected as they are revealing. Utilizing light as a sculpting tool, a strong sense of graphic composition, and an ability to draw out the subject’s spirit, we are intent upon creating evocative imagery that draws the viewer in, enabling our clients to deliver their corporate message or sell a consumer service.

Over 38 Years of Experience:

(1980-2011 known as SaltLife Photography; 2011 to now as BURGESSphotog):

Buyers buy simply based on whether a business can get rid of a problem they have and don’t want, or enable them to get something they want but don’t have (or enough of). Buyers don’t want to try to hit a moving target; they want to know that they will hit the mark with a business. An inconsistent vision will not prove to the buyer that a business is “good-enough,” it will simply confuse them.

Confusion is not a business goal. Clarity is! A buyer will appreciate a business who, with clarity, can get rid of a problem or get them something they want, and make it easy for them to have either. Clarity of vision is the key to success in the business world.

You want:
Compelling images that meet your needs (that’s a given!)

To attract more clients and customers and make more money

A team with vision who also respects your’s
To be treated like a valued partner
A hassle-free experience that makes your life easier

We get and appreciate that.

A picture is worth a thousand words
A compelling image communicates 60 thousand times faster than printed words
A photo speaks fluently in every language
A photo speaks directly to the heart
Your customer gets and appreciates that – in a blink of an eye.

That is when it clicks.


Fine Art – Portraiture – Commercial

Conceptual – Lifestyle – Nature